Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's that time of year again...

School is about to begin. AJ will be in 7th grade (she's 12 now...a Junior-Higher). EJ will be in 4th grade (she's 9 and cannot wait to be back in school). JJ will be in 2nd grade (she is 7...almost 8--and cannot wait to be baptized). NJ will be in 1st grade (she turned 6 in July and acts like she's the pre-teen). Nate is starting his second year in medical school at the University of Arizona-Phoenix. He is amazing, and I cannot say enough about how dedicated he is to his schooling. I know it is a long road ahead of us; however, the future is bright for us. I am extremely proud of him. And as for me, this will be my third year teaching 5th Grade.

Each time the school year begins, I am reminded of a line in the movie, You've Got Mail-with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks-where she expresses her love of the fall. It makes we want to go out and buy school supplies (something like that)..."bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils"! I too love this time of year. It's like a fresh start. A new beginning, if you will. I love being a teacher. I love being a wife and mother. And what a better way to use my mothering than to be where my own children are at--while being a mother to my students (like their mom-away-from-home).

So as I embark on another year, I wanted to share my simple thoughts on the upcoming year. I want to embrace the fact that my oldest daughter is going to be going through some tough decisions and figuring out her place in this world. I am prepared in the fact that what we (as her parents) have taught her thus far will carry her through some of the peer pressures she will be facing. I know in my heart that God gave her to us first because she would set the course for her own life and head in the right directions...also leading the way for her 3 younger sisters to follow. I know that my second daughter will find how to better study and work hard for the grades she so desires. I know that my JJ will shine like she always does in every challenge that comes her way. And lastly, I know that my youngest will continue to grow and thrive in her role as the clever youngest child that she is! I will accept the hard role of working and taking care of our home as the year goes on. The challenges we will face will be real, but they are not impossible to overcome. I am prepared and eager to begin another year with my husband attending medical school and know that this year is going to be ROUGH. State boards coming up in the Spring which plays a huge role in the future of his medical career. I have full faith in his abilities, and he knows that we've got his back :)

To all of this, I say: Bring it on! I cannot wait for the year to begin! I have so much to learn. My children have so much to learn and room to grow (but not too much hopefully). My husband has so much to learn too! We are ready for what lies ahead of us. So again, Bring. It. On!

Happy School Year!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

We made it...

No judging's been like two whole years since this blog has even been looked at-oops. My apologizes. So we are still here, still have four crazy little girls, still surviving...Not much to report. Well, I take that back...I got a job as a 5th Grade Teacher at Legacy Traditional School. My husband was accepted into the University of Arizona-Phoenix Medical School, and he starts this coming Monday. Our oldest daughter, Ashlynn, will be going into 6th Grade this year (I know-AHHHHH). Ellyce will be in 3rd Grade. Jillian has moved onto 1st Grade, and the baby of the family, Natalee, will be going into KINDERGARTEN! I am officially creeped out. Writing this even makes me feel old. Like OOOOooooolllllllllllldddddddd. Oh well. Life goes on (and on and on). So, more to come regarding our crazily happy little life.